Great Continental Railway Journeys


Season 5 Episode 6 - Rotterdam To Utrecht

Expired 3.5 125 x
Steered by his 1913 Continental Railway Guide, Michael Portillo heads for the Netherlands, where he roots around the world’s largest flower auction in Haarlem, operates a crane in Europe’s largest container port, Rotterdam, and investigates Amsterdam’s famous red light district.

Season 5 Episode 5 - Riga To Tampere

Expired 3.0 78 x
Michael Portillo ventures to the northernmost reaches of Europe where he braves the freezing temperatures of the Baltic Sea and finds peace paddling a canoe on the Lakes of Finland. On his journey from the Latvian capital, Riga, to Tampere, Finland, Michael encounters medieval knights in Tallinn, grills sausages in Helsinki and samples cloudberry liqueur in a hot tub by the light of Finland's midnight sun.

Season 5 Episode 4 - Genoa To The Brenner Pass

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Michael Portillo discovers how an Edwardian Briton brought 'the beautiful game' to the historic port of Genoa. He's ambushed by singers of the city's legendary trallalero and learns to whip up a mean pesto Genovese. Then he takes the train as it clings to the cliffs along the Riviera Di Levanti to reach the picturesque and remote villages of the Cinque Terre. To cap off his journey, he travels to the Austrian border and the famous Brenner Pass, mastered by the railways in the 19th century and t...

Season 5 Episode 3 - Tangier To Marrakech

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Michael Portillo leaves Europe behind to take in the sights, smells and tastes of North Africa as he travels from the Mediterranean port of Tangier to the Berber city of Marrakech.

Season 5 Episode 2 - Zermatt To Geneva

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Armed with his 1913 railway guide, Michael Portillo travels from the Swiss Alps to the shores of Lake Geneva. Along the way, he is caught up in a war zone with the Red Cross and rescued from an “avalanche” by a St Bernard puppy. He takes to the skies in a vintage bi-plane to retrace the epic journey of the pioneering pilot who was first to fly over the Alps and tries his hand at watchmaking, James Bond style.


Expired 4.0 41 x
Michael Portillo embarks on a new series of railway adventures across Europe, disovering new regions, cities and cultures through the eyes of followers of Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide, which in 1913, opened up foreign travel to the discerning British tourist. In this episode, Michael travels east through Romania. He encounters a bloodsucking vampire in Transylvania and brown bears in the Carpathian forest before visiting a fairy tale castle with modern conveniences in Sinaia, striking o...
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S4 Ep6 - Barcelona To Mallorca

Expired 3.0 741 x
Barcelona to Mallorca - Steered by his 1913 Bradshaw's Guide, Michael Portillo returns to Spain to trace the early 20th-century roots of the Spanish Civil War, which divided his Spanish family and sent his father into exile. On his travels, he is trampled underfoot at the bottom of a Catalan people steeple and learns to make the perfect paella. And he discovers a beautiful art nouveau Palace of Music with an emotional history. (S.4 Ep.6) (From the UK) (Documentary Series) PG CC

S4 Ep5 - Black Forest To Hanover

Expired 4.3 447 x
Black Forest to Hanover - Armed with his 1913 Continental Railway Guide, Michael Portillo ventures deep into the Black Forest on a quest to discover the essence of Germany and discovers how Hansel and Gretel helped to unify the nation. From carving cuckoo clocks to a romantic stop at the ruined Schloss in Heidelberg, follwed by the groundbreaking scientists who laid the foundation for Germany's world class transport technology today. (From the UK) (Documentary Series) PG CC

S4 Ep4 - Athens To Thessaloniki

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Athens to Thessaloniki - In this episode: A Greek odyssey from Athens's port of Piraeus north to the city of Thessaloniki, ruled by the Ottomon Turks for 400 years. From Acropolis' delights of moussaka and baklava; Greek national heroes; the first modern Olympic games; to Delphi, where an entire village was removed to excavate the site of the oracle in the 20th century. Michael ends his journey in Thessaloniki, where Greece's King George I was assassinated in 1913. (S.4 Ep.4) (From the UK) (Doc...

S4 Ep3 - Pisa To Lake Garda

Expired 3.5 412 x
Pisa to Lake Garda - Bradshaw's 1913 Continental Railway Guide in hand, Michael Portillo makes a grand tour of a favourite Edwardian destination, Italy. There he experiences the country's state-of-the-art Maserati sports car, how the Leaning Tower of Pisa was rescued from near collapse, and goes on a search for spaghetti bolognese... From Carrara to Florence, Michael explores the cradle of the Renaissance, discovers the romantic hideaway of DH Lawrence, and ends his journey in futuristic style ...