Great Food Truck Race, The

February 2018

Season 7 Episode 2 - Family Face-Off: Things Get Berry Interesting

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The five remaining food truck teams head up the Pacific Coast Highway to Ventura County, where they're the main attraction at the California Strawberry Festival. The teams take on a challenge where they must create one sweet and one savoury dish featuring locally-grown strawberries. One team uses their family network to attract customers, tension develops when another team can't get organised, and rivalries form as all the trucks jockey for selling turf.

Season 7 Episode 1 - Family Face-Off: A Family Affair

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Six family teams kick off the Great Food Truck Race with a funnel cake eating contest at a theme park in Los Angeles. After leaving the park, host Tyler Florence gives the families their first signature menu cooking challenge. On day two, the teams take part in a bidding war for a prime selling spot on the theme park's grounds. These first time food truckers quickly realize operating a food truck is much more than fun in the California sun as they continue on the road to the grand prize of $50,...