Hack Live


Is Male Privilege Bullsh!T?

4.0 81 x
In the next instalment of Hack Live, Tom Tilley brings Men's Rights Activists and Feminists together to find out what it is that we just can't agree on? #HackLive

Sex Addicts

3.0 95 x
Triple J's Tom Tilley asks if sex addiction is a real issue ruining people's lives. What is a normal libido & how can you tell when it's out of control? Experts from both sides of the debate tackle this intimate topic.
Episodes 2016

Swipe Right

4.0 75 x
Tom Tilley looks at how we hook up in the 21st century. From pick-up apps to one night stands. Does anyone still meet in real-life, or has the dating landscape fundamentally changed forever? Find out on Hack Live.

Aussie Patriots

3.5 142 x
A live debate on the recent resurgence in Aussie patriotism. From flag waving to flag wrapping, triple j Hack's Tom Tilley fires up a range of opinions of young Australians. #HackLive

The War On Young People

3.0 288 x
In a world where house prices are out of control & jobs are less secure, young people are starting to feel ripped off. Tom Tilley gathers a panel of Australians, young & old & asks 'is there a war on young people?' #HackLive

On Body Obsession

4.0 601 x
Screening as part of 'Naked As' Week, triple j's Hack host Tom Tilley moderates a live television event and social media experience to find out whether Australians are too obsessed with their bodies. #HackLive