Hannibal catch up


Wed 21 Dec, season 3 episode 13

3.0 39 x
Will hatches a cunning plot to slay Francis Dolarhyde, using Hannibal Lecter in his ploy. Bedelia voices concern about the perilous plan as Will continues his game with Hannibal.

Wed 14 Dec, season 3 episode 12

4.0 27 x
The FBI enlists the help of Dr Fredrick Chilton in hope of drawing Francis Dolarhyde into an ambush; Will's empathy for Dolarhyde impacts his psyche.

Wed 7 Dec, season 3 episode 11

4.0 30 x
With a full moon approaching, Jack and Will are certain that Francis Dolarhyde will strike again but they lack a solid lead; Alana gives Hannibal a chance for redemption.

Wed 30 Nov, season 3 episode 10

3.0 28 x
Carvings symbolising the Great Red Dragon are retrieved from crime scenes, casting light on Francis Dolarhyde's warped psyche. Meanwhile, both Dolarhyde and Will seek the wisdom of Hannibal Lecter.

Wed 23 Nov, season 3 episode 9

4.0 42 x
The search for serial killer Francis Dolarhyde heats up as Will delves into dangerous territory. He envisions himself in Dolarhyde's psyche and contacts Hannibal Lecter for help profiling the killer.

Wed 16 Nov, season 3 episode 8

4.5 40 x
Hannibal has been imprisoned for three years at the Baltimore State Hospital when a new villain emerges in one Francis Dolarhyde. Jack reaches out to Will to help him track down the brutal serial killer.

Wed 9 Nov, season 3 episode 7

3.0 27 x
Captured in Italy, Hannibal and Will are brought to Muskrat Farm, where Mason awaits.

Wed 2 Nov, season 3 episode 6

3.0 29 x
Bedelia and Hannibal feel their time in Florence is coming to an end. Jack questions Will's loyalty.

Wed 26 Oct, season 3 episode 5

2.0 53 x
Jack and Will along with Chiyoh arrive in Florence with different agendas for Hannibal while Detective Pazzi gets close.

Wed 19 Oct, season 3 episode 4

3.0 36 x
Dr Fredrick Chilton is alive and well, if not somewhat reconstructed, urging those wronged by Hannibal Lecter to use Will Graham as bait to flush him out.