Harry's Practice


Season 8 Episode 180

4.0 1 x
Dr Katrina road tests the latest pet for kids. Dr Harry meets a broody lovebird.
Episodes 2017

Thu 4 Feb, season 1 episode 180

3.0 22 x
Dr Katrina road-tests the latest pet for kids, while Dr Harry meets a broody lovebird.

Wed 3 Feb, season 1 episode 179

3.0 9 x
Dr Katrina has her hands full with the Puppy Challenge. Dr Harry makes a house call to a 10-week-old parrot with a limp.

Season 1 Episode 174

4.0 14 x
Dr Harry visits Red Symons at home. Dr Katrina goes through the basic rules of looking after a pony.

Season 1 Episode 173

4.0 22 x
Dr Harry visits a cranky wombat. Dr Katrina hosts the Flyball Challenge.

Season 1 Episode 172

4.0 12 x
Dr Katrina finds the best pets for kids and Dr Harry meets a lovesick cockatoo.

Fri 15 Jan, season 1 episode 171

3.0 3 x
Dr Harry helps a family with a very naughty puppy, while Dr Katrina visits dolphins, polar bears and Sumatran tigers on the Gold Coast.

Season 1 Episode 170

3.0 10 x
Season 1 Episode 170 of Harry's Practice was broadcast by Seven on Friday 24 November 2017 at 9:47.

Wed 13 Jan, season 1 episode 169

3.0 4 x
Dr Harry visits Todd McKenney and his dog Barbara, and then an aggressive turkey named Gobbles.

Season 1 Episode 168

4.0 13 x
Animal trainer Steve Austin teaches a chicken to play the piano. While Dr Harry helps a dog with the most unusual diet.