Hear No Evil

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Hear No Evil

A couple's fight reaches a tragic end when one of them is shot. A tape recorder that's captured final words becomes evidence in a trial.

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Season 1
In 1983, the Secret Service are on the trail of a counterfeiter. In a storage unit, they find sickening audio recordings of him torturing dozens of women.
A mom accused of the murder of a stranger must clear her name by secretly-recording a confession from the man she claims is framing her.
A mother is gunned down next to her toddler, sparking a homicide investigation involving passion, kidnapping and intimidation.
A mom of three in Georgia is killed after vanishing from home. Clues in the form of audio files captured by her tech-obsessed husband may be key to solving the mystery.
In Little Falls, Minnesota, a retiree's peace is shattered by a home break-in, culminating in a gruesome double-homicide. Investigators discover audio recordings of the killings.