Episode 38 (Forgiven)

3.0 5 x
Mr Sesemann's and Grandmamma's arrival Dörfli soon after Peter has destroyed Clara's wheelchair drives Peter to run away, overcome by fear and guilt, but clever thinking from Heidi and a great act of forgiveness from Clara will unite the three as friends.
Episodes 2016

Ep 33 Goats Hour

3.5 134 x
When Clara’s visit to Dörfli is put at risk because Miss Rottenmeier would rather stay in the village but Clara wants to stay at the cabin the girls must work together to convince her to stay.

Ep 32 Scavenger Hunt

3.0 44 x
Theresa is devastated by the news that Karl and his father are moving to another town so when Karl organises a scavenger hunt for the prize of his fossil collection Theresa cheats to keep a small part of him in Dörfli with her.

Ep 31 School Test

3.0 83 x
When Mr Traber offers a prize to the student who does the best in the school test Theresa puts Peters goats in danger to make sure he won’t get to class that day, luckily Heidi is there to help Peter retrieve his goats and get him another chance at the test.

Ep 30 The Brooch

3.0 43 x
Ep 30 The Brooch of Heidi was broadcast by GO! on Sunday 22 May 2016 at 16:34.

Ep 30 The Brooch

3.0 66 x
When Grandmother falls ill Heidi graciously sells a family heirloom to pay for her medicine, but when the train delivering it to the village is stuck in a terrible storm it is up to Grandfather to weather the blizzard to retrieve it.

Ep 29 The Broken Statue

3.0 32 x
Heidi and Grandfather move in to the manor in the village so that Heidi can attend school but not everyone is happy about their arrival back in town.
Episodes 2015

Season 1 Episode 20

4.0 334 x
Grandmamma suggests a trip to the park to celebrate Heidi learning to read but what should be a happy occasion is dampened when Clara falls and becomes upset as she cannot run around like the other children, when they return home Heidi helps comfort

Season 1 Episode 19

4.0 137 x
The arrival of Grandmamma brings laughter back to the Sesemann house as she immediately realises the conniving Mr Bakker is not all he seems and introduces a more fun way of learning to read to Heidi, they will put on a play!

Season 1 Episode 18

4.0 141 x
Clara's teacher returns from holidays and Heidi attends lesson where it is discovered that she can't read, in order to remain in the same class Clara teaches Heidi the alphabet but Heidi struggles with the challenge.