Henry & Anne: Lovers Who Changed History

February 2017

S1 Ep2 - A World Turned Upside Down

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A World Turned Upside Down - In the second episode, historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb charts the turbulent three year marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn which ended with the Queen's execution. This royal marriage redefined a nation and Suzannah visits Charterhouse, a former monastery in central London where a group of mon...
January 2017

S1 Ep1 - Their Extraordinary Courtship

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Their Extraordinary Courtship - In the first episode of Henry & Anne - The Lovers Who Changed History, historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb sets out on a journey to reveal the real Henry and Anne a royal couple whose love transformed a nation. Her first destination is Anne Boleyn's childhood home of Hever in Kent. In this evocat...