Hey Duggee

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 47 - The Counting Badge

3.0 10 x
The Squirrels try the ultimate achievement of counting to 100 to earn their Counting Badge.

Season 3, Episode 46 - The Perfume Badge

4.0 17 x
The Squirrels make their very own perfumes with accompanying advertisements to show how their perfumes are uniquely theirs.

Season 3, Episode 45 - The Direction Badge

4.0 9 x
The Squirrels do not know how to get back to the Clubhouse whilst out for a walk. Through a series of unusual methods, the Squirrels learn all about direction.

Season 3, Episode 44 - The Board Game Badge

4.0 16 x
It is a rainy day in the Clubhouse which means it's a perfect day for a board game. Duggee introduces the Squirrels to one of his favourite games which might be just a little bit complex for them.

Season 3, Episode 43 - The Soap Opera Badge

3.5 15 x
After breaking the Chickens TV ariel during the finale of their favourite Soap Opera, the Squirrels take it upon themselves to recreate the final episode for them. But will their performance impress the grumpy Chickens?

Season 3, Episode 52 - The Walking Badge

4.0 14 x
The Squirrels learn the many ways you can walk with the help of friends and a catchy song.

Season 3, Episode 51 - The Action Hero Badge

4.0 21 x
The Squirrels learn about an action hero called Jet Rocket who always saves the day by smashing and crashing things. But there are other ways to save the day!

Season 3, Episode 50 - The What Happened Badge

3.0 17 x
The Squirrels try and tell us what has just happened but are struggling to retell the story correctly.

Season 3, Episode 49 - The Building Block Badge

3.0 20 x
The Squirrels become architects so they can design, build and bring to life their very own clubhouse.

Season 3, Episode 48 - The Reunion Badge

4.5 34 x
Duggee hosts a reunion for the first ever Squirrels he looked after. But the first ever Squirrels are older now and very similar to the Squirrels parents.