Highway Patrol Special

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 2 - Worst Drivers

4.5 10 x
Expect some of the funniest, craziest and downright dangerous moments as we countdown the top 10 men and women who shouldn't be on our roads.

3. Reckless And Rowdy

4.0 46 x
Highway Patrol is back with another action-packed special, counting down the show’s top 10 most Rowdy and Reckless stories.Featuring an idiot who rams a cop car, a red-head on a rampage and more.

2. Wayward Women

2.0 193 x
From bad drivers and liars to a mother with six unrestrained children and a woman on the run from police, HIGHWAY PATROL: WAYWARD WOMEN covers it all.

1. Cops Tell All, The

4.0 21 x
We talk to our most famous faces about what goes on behind the scenes of our most colourful cases. From the outrageous to the downright dumb, Highway Patrol officers tell all.

2. Drivers Behaving Badly

3.0 68 x
From the drunk and abusive to the romantic and frantic, the hardworking men and women of Victoria's Highway Patrol have seen them all. Watch as we count down our top 10 badly behaved drivers.

1. Craziest Encounters

4.0 49 x
We countdown the top ten craziest encounters the cops have dealt with over the past few years. From a man who's painted his number plates green and gold, to Australia's self-proclaimed biggest bogan.

1. Characters

4.0 74 x
Expect some of the funniest and craziest moments as we countdown the top 10 outrageous characters whose behaviour on and off the road, has to be seen to be believed.