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Home favourites England take on India in Pool B of the Men’s Hockey

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September 2022
Scotland and South Africa battle for bragging rights in Pool A of the Men’s Hockey
Kenya take on a formidable Scotland on Day 4 of Women's Hockey
India and Ghana face off in the Men’s Hockey Pool B
England and Wales face off in the Men’s Hockey Pool B
Scotland take on our Kookaburras on Day 3 of the Men's Hockey
Australia takes on Kenya in Day 2 of Women's Hockey
The Aussies and the Kenyans battle it out on the Hockey field
It's the Kookaburras against India in the Men's Hockey Final
Our Kookaburras take on a formidable India in this dynamic Gold Medal Match
Take a look back through the inspiring Aussie Kookaburras' campaign for gold
August 2022
New Zealand and India take it down to the wire to win the Bronze
Canada take on Scotland as they compete in the Classification Final
Australia and England have medalled in every Women’s Hockey tournament since its debut at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. Who will clinch the gold medal in Birmingham?
A look back at our incredible Hockeyroos on their journey to the finals at Birmingham 2022
Our Hockeyroos take on host nation England in the Gold Medal Match
New Zealand and Wales battle to decide the fifth and sixth classifications in the Men’s Hockey
After the English Women's Team one Gold on Day 10, can their Men's team nab Bronze from South Africa?
It's South Africa versus the host nation England in the Men's Bronze Medal Hockey Match
Ghana and Scotland compete for classification spots on Day 9 of The Games