Holey Moley Australia

Holey Moley Australia catch up

September 2022

Episode 3

4.0 8 x
Never seen before on Australian TV we set our mini golfers on fire! Four fire breathing dragons will set our contestants alight all in the name of good old fashion family fun!

Episode 2

3.0 8 x
Two new holes are revealed on Holey Moley. Hole Number Two where dunny doors can smash our contestants and send them flying plus surf’s up on Surf N Turf.

Episode 1

4.0 24 x
Australia’s most skilled and passionate golfers will battle for supremacy on insane, supersized mini golf holes. No inch of astroturf has been left unturned for this epic contest.
March 2021

Kids Special

4.0 61 x
Eight junior golfers will putt their way through Holey Moley, but with dunny doors, rotating windmills and huge ducks… it’s only fair their parents take on the obstacles.
February 2021

Celebrity Special

3.0 56 x
Eight of Australia’s most popular celebrities take on Holey Moley but one will be leave with the golden putter, plaid jacket and bragging rights!

Grand Final

3.0 33 x
One of our ten finalists will walk away with $100,000 and the prestigious jewelled putter on Greg Norman’s final masterpiece the Tomb of Nefer-Tee-Tee.

Episode 10

3.0 30 x
It’s the penultimate show, with only one spot remaining in the grand final who will conquer the course and get a chance to make a putt worth $100,000?

Road To Glory: Greg Norman Edition

3.0 77 x
We take a break from the gruelling and relentless competition, to reflect on all the moments that were gruelling and relentless... in this best of series special.

Episode 9

4.0 46 x
A contestant’s worst nightmare comes true on three of Holey Moley’s toughest holes: Slip N Putt, Hole Number Two & Putter Ducky…a wardrobe malfunction.

Episode 8

3.0 39 x
What does it take to be a world class mini-golfer? We answer that age-old question when we put brain against brawn or as some may call it nerds v jocks!