Home and Away The Early Years


Mon 23 Jan

4.0 5 x
Pippa quits cooking for the diner. Fisher won't accept money from the fundraiser. Mandy leaves Summer Bay.

Fri 6 Jan

4.5 20 x
Dodge falls overboard while on a ferry at night. Shannon praises Jack for organising the successful concert.

Thu 5 Jan, season 2 episode 880

4.0 17 x
Selina talks about what she saw when she was unconscious. Dodge prepares to frame Steven a second time. Steven and Kelly contact the police with some information.

Wed 4 Jan

4.0 9 x
Curtis frantically tries to revive Selina. Shannon stays away from Mandy hoping it will suppress her feelings towards her.

Tue 3 Jan

3.0 6 x
Selina has a near death experience. Shannon confronts her feelings towards Mandy when she realises that Mandy and her female editor have more than a professional relationship.
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