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Season 7 Episode 1 - Enemy Of The State

4.3 4 x
Claire Danes stars as CIA officer Carrie Mathison, who is top in her field despite being volatile and unpredictable. At the end of season six, following an assassination attempt on her life, President Keane broke her promise to Carrie by arresting 200 members of the intelligence community without bringing charges against t...
Episodes 2018

Season 7 Episode 12 - Paean To The People

Expired 4.0 63 x
Carrie and Saul’s mission doesn’t go as planned. Elizabeth Keane fights for her presidency.

Season 7 Episode 11 - All In

Expired 4.0 49 x
Saul's mission is a go. The clock ticks on the Keane administration.

Season 7 Episode 10 - Clarity

Expired 4.0 50 x
Saul and Sandy have an idea. Carrie needs to choose a side. Keane needs an ally.

Season 7 Episode 9 - Useful Idiot

Expired 3.0 40 x
Yevgeny hits the road. Carrie has problems at home. Saul and Wellington work on Paley.

Season 7 Episode 8 - Lies, Amplifiers, F__king Twitter

Expired 4.0 48 x
Carrie and Saul interrogate a suspect. Wellington makes a play.

Season 7 Episode 7 - Andante

Expired 3.0 47 x
Carrie makes a move. Wellington has a reckoning. Saul expands his operation.

Season 7 Episode 6 - Species Jump

Expired 4.0 53 x
Saul calls an old friend. Wellington has a problem. Carrie enjoys a win.

Season 7 Episode 5 - Active Measures

Expired 3.0 49 x
Carrie puts a plan in motion. Saul visits a source. Keane makes a desperate plea.

Season 7 Episode 4 - Like Bad At Things

Expired 3.0 57 x
Carrie follows a lead. Saul's situation goes from bad to worse.