Hook Line and Sinker


Sat 12 Nov, season 5 episode 13

4.0 90 x
Follow Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart's fishing exploits from around their home state of Tasmania.

Sat 5 Nov, season 5 episode 12

2.0 55 x
Flathead Classic: Once considered a humble table fish, the flathead has evolved into one of our most highly prized sportsfish. Join 700 anglers, 300 teams for the 2016 Gold Coast Flathead Classic.

Sat 29 Oct, season 5 episode 11

4.0 129 x
Join the Hook, Line and Sinker team aboard Australia's most outrageous trailer boat. It's Broome WA at break neck speed plus, meet the Triple Tail a little know but highly prized sports-fish.

Sat 22 Oct, season 5 episode 10

3.0 35 x
Melville Island in the Northern Territory is one of Australia's most productive fisheries, join us on a voyage of discovery in the remote Top End.

Sun 9 Oct, season 5 episode 9

3.0 50 x
Come along for the ride as the team conduct a trailer boat comparison, pitting big versus small and old versus new. Plus a single handed battle with one of the rarest game fish of them all.

Sun 2 Oct, season 5 episode 8

3.0 33 x
Join Nick and Andrew as they travel to the North Island of New Zealand, the place where giant King Fish were invented and the boys take on their most ambitious project boat ever.

Sun 18 Sep, season 5 episode 7

3.0 34 x
This week join us for an epic adventure deep into the Coral Sea. A mother-ship trip that turns up big fish, amazing history and fishing's version of Big Brother.

Sun 11 Sep, season 5 episode 6

3.0 23 x
See how the other half live, an expose on freshwater fishing and a road trip along Australia's longest river. And we rekindle an old boating romance - whatever happened to 'The Beast'?

Sun 4 Sep, season 5 episode 5

3.0 36 x
Nick and Andrew head south in search of monsters as they battle gigantic seas off Tassie's south coast, experiencing all the highs and lows of big time game fishing.

Sun 28 Aug, season 5 episode 4

3.0 21 x
The boys have a brand new boat which comes with a top secret weapon to tackle the Kingfish of Montagui Island in NSW. Plus some handy DIY first aid tips and why you should never wade in thongs.
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