October 2013

Truth and Consequences - Season 1

3.0 246 x
Ellen has to make another life-changing choice when she performs emergency surgery in her own home. Meanwhile, Duncan demands answers when Archer tells him that an innocent person in their plan has become a victim.

2:45 PM - Season 1

3.0 82 x
Ellen and Brian devise a plan with their kids to escape from Duncan. Meanwhile, Duncan's wife, Nina, tells him that she wants to discontinue her treatment and spend her time with her husband and daughter.

Power of Persuasion - Season 1

3.0 98 x
Duncan threatens Ellen that she must convince the President to keep her on as his surgeon after he decides to go with another doctor, or there will be consequences. Also, Ellen meets Duncan's daughter and gains insight into his life.

Pilot - Season 1

3.0 88 x
A top surgeon in Washington, DC who has been tapped to operate on the President of the United States is held hostage along with her family by a rogue FBI agent who demands that she kill the President or else he'll kill her family instead.

Invisible Leash - Season 1

3.0 100 x
When Ellen disobeys Duncan's orders to assassinate the president during surgery, he tells her it will cost her a family member's life. The family must go about their normal lives for the next two weeks until the President's operation.