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A family of six is relocating to Houston, Texas, and they have just one weekend to find a home.

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Season 196
A family is tired of renting and looks to purchase a home near Fairfield, Connecticut.
A single woman looks to buy her first home. She's looking for a condo with two separate bedrooms, and her mom is coming along to keep her grounded in the search.
After losing their home during a financial hardship, a family looks to purchase again in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
Newcomers to Houston, TX, disagree over his need for fancy finishes in a home. However, they may both be out of their depth when it comes to a housing market.
A Chicago couple disagrees on which area they'd like to live in. She wants to be in the heart of the city, but he's a house flipper who prefers a turn-key property,
A young couple in Birmingham, Alabama, is on the hunt for a larger home. However, he wants an extra-large space for renters, and she's not on board with the idea.
A couple in Southern California can't agree on how much space they need for her in-home daycare business.
Heather is a firefighter and wants a home near her job in Maryville, TN. However, Kristyn wants them to live closer to the kids' school, even if it means Heather change jobs.
Volleyball coaches want to buy their first home together in Columbia, Missouri, but one can't make a decision. The other and their agent try to appeal to his stat-loving mind.
Season 195
A newlywed couple in Chicago looks for a new home after losing much of what they owned in a fire.
A young and active couple searches for their first home in Kansas City, Missouri.
Season 194
Twenty-something newlyweds in Vancouver, Washington, are itching to move out of his mom's house.
A couple is ready to move the heck out of his parents' house. She wants a fun and charming vintage house in Oklahoma City so they can enjoy their life as young professionals.
A Florida couple has to move fast after their rental home was sold. But that won't be easy with these two. He's all about new construction, while she wants old with projects.
A California couple who have always dreamed of owning a home moves to more affordable Texas. He's a contractor and she is insisting on turn key to start their new lives ASAP.
A single, first-time buyer is looking near the water in Long Beach, California. Eager to get out of her mom's house, her friend and agent will help her to not make a rash decision
A Missouri couple is excited to move back to their hometown of Kansas City. Their previous home two hours away has already sold, so their agent sets up several houses.
A Georgia stay-at-home dad is trying to convince his wife that they need a fixer-upper with lots of acreage, but with her high stress job, she's against it.
A Columbus, Ohio, couple is in a rush to find a home before their baby is born. She's taking matters into her own hands by looking for a fixer-upper even if her husband disagrees.