House Hunters

Season 159

Season 159, Episode 3 - Writers Go Tiny on the Road

3.0 2 x
Married Maryland freelance writers have moved out of their three-bedroom apartment to simplify, go mobile, and go tiny.

Season 159, Episode 1 - Newlyweds Go Tiny in Spanaway, WA

4.0 7 x
Ready to free themselves from the mortgage and upkeep of their 1,700-square-foot home, newlyweds are going tiny in Spanaway, Wash.; they agree that they need a large kitchen where she can start her catering business.
Season 172

Season 172, Episode 12 - Looking For A Log Cabin In Nashville

3.0 2 x
Grandparents moving to Nashville look for a house. He wants a newer place so he doesn't have to deal with renovations, but she dreams of having an older log cabin.

Episode 10 (St. Louis Waterfront Search)

3.0 5 x
A St. Louis radio personality gets ready to move into her first home and hopes to be on the water so that she can fish any time she wants.

Episode 13 (Big Houses for a Big Family)

4.0 15 x
A large family is on the hunt for a much bigger home in the Atlanta area; they're hoping to find a place that not only has room for all the kids but it also a basement suite for their aunt, and more than anything, they hope for a big pool.

Episode 11 (Easy Escape Route in Tampa)

3.0 11 x
Buyers in Florida move from Sarasota to Tampa to find a more lively social scene; one wants a modern, high-rise condo, while the other prefers a bungalow.

Episode 6 (Character and Charm on a Budget in Des Moines)

4.0 8 x
A first time buyer seeks character and charm on a budget, but her friend thinks she should stick with a new, ranch style house.

Episode 5 (Ornate vs. Simple in Chicago)

3.0 7 x
A Chicago couple search for a home big enough for their growing family; she wants a Victorian with plenty of character, while he prefers a traditional Midwestern-style home with clean lines.

Episode 4 (Cozy Cabin in California)

3.0 16 x
A young couple searches for a vacation cabin in the small mountain resort town of Shaver Lake, Calif.; she wants a cozy, family-friendly cottage, but he has his sights set on a large lodge with great rental potential.

Episode 3 (Million Dollar Budget on the San Diego Coast)

3.0 12 x
A San Diego buyer wants to upgrade to a home on the coast, but even with a million dollar budget, he's going to have to compromise.