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A couple is forced out of their apartment by increased rents after the pandemic in London. They've decided to move to Amsterdam after he was able to secure a job transfer.

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Season 186
An Australian man in search of a post-breakup reset looks to move to Rotterdam. He wants to be near the action, but his dog's need for space might push him out into the suburbs.
A family of five looks to trade life in Canada for the warm beaches of Puerto Morelos, Mexico.
An international couple seeks a better work-life balance and looks to move from Singapore to Malmo, Sweden.
Season 180
A pair of newlywed accountants land job transfers and look to leave New York for a slower pace in Frankfurt, Germany.
A Vegas couple looks to downsize and search for a home in the burgeoning LGBTQ haven of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
A couple based in Los Angeles look to move back to his old stomping grounds of Florence, Italy.
An English woman looks to leave the stress of long London work weeks for a better life in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; she's hoping for an opportunity to live in affordable luxury.
A couple looks to ditch Chicago and reboot in their favorite vacation spot; he's picturing a never-ending vacation by the beach, but she thinks the suburbs are better for the kids
A Washington, D.C., couple decide to live together for the first time so that one of them can pursue a master's degree in Tarragona, Spain.
A Colorado family supports their mother's dream to become a midwife by moving to York, England; with two young daughters and one income, they face a challenge with downsizing.
A newlywed couple leaves Wichita, Kansas, to pursue his Ph.D. in Lille, France.
Season 179
A New York City real estate professional has sold his wife on a reset in his native Tulum, Mexico.
Season 178
An unexpected pregnancy leads a pair of Florida travel bloggers to change their plans and settle down in Krabi, Thailand.
A Wisconsin couple takes advantage of a job opportunity and relocates to London.
Season 175
A health scare inspires a woman to leave her established career in Oregon and pursue a master's degree in Bonn, Germany.
A Utah couple sees an opportunity in the small fishing village of Puerto Morelos, Mexico; she wants to expand their bottom line, but wants to live on the water.
A Floridian filmmaker agrees to move with her husband to his native Australia; her expectations are colossal after moving away from everything, he's concerned what they can afford
After four years of long-distance dating, newlyweds look for their first place together in London.
Season 176
After the birth of their son, a couple leaves their upperclass lifestyle in South Africa for more family time in Haarlem, Netherlands.