House Husbands


Episode 7

4.5 171 x
A fight with Kane threatens to derail Justin's custody battle and Gemma is hospitalised with pregnancy complications. Abi lies about her pregnancy to impress her boss and Kane and Alex welcome a surprise new housemate.

Episode 1

4.6 126 x
House Husbands follows four families with one thing in common: the dads are in charge of raising the kids. On the first day of school term, four very different men unite to take on the challenges of parenthood, marriage and mateship.

Episode 2

4.0 37 x
When his ex puts their house up for sale, Justin makes a last-ditch attempt to prove he can be a reliable dad and partner and Gemma stages an intervention to help Lewis adapt to life as a house husband.
Episodes 2017

Episode 6

3.0 43 x
Lewis and Gemma's wedding plans are upset when Lewis's teenage daughter arrives with a surprise announcement. Mark fears for his job when he gets overly involved in his boss's family life and Abi's plans for Gemma's hen's night backfire.

Episode 12

4.0 269 x
Lewis devises a risky plan to save the school from closure, and win back the trust of his friends. Mark and Abi's daughter is injured when the kids protest to save their school from demolition.

Episode 11

4.0 1,028 x
Gemma is torn between family and career when she wins a prestigious scholarship to the USA. Lewis becomes public enemy number one when it's announced the local school is to be closed.

Episode 10

3.8 730 x
Nick faces a relationship dilemma when Izzy admits her attraction to him. The house husbands devise the perfect heist to retrieve Izzy's stolen motorbike. With his AFL career in tatters, Justin's kids help Rafiq find a new goal in life.

Episode 9

3.0 672 x
A new teacher at Nepean South drives a wedge between the house husbands and their partners. Lewis faces a major challenge as candidate for local council. Justin's brother Rafiq risks his life by ignoring a heart condition.

Episode 8

3.5 738 x
Justin's planned family holiday to Disneyland is in disarray when his wayward brother Rafiq returns. When Rafiq faces criminal charges, Gemma and Abi are determined to prove his innocence.

Episode 5

4.0 693 x
Nick's dark past catches up with him, threatening his relationship with Rachel and the house husbands. Lewis struggles to cope with Gemma's career success. Abi and Gemma are determined to beat their husbands in a parents' talent quest.