House Of Anubis: The Reawakening

January 2017

Season 3, Episode 40 (House Of Heroes)

3.0 95 x
Eddie and KT try to unlock the portal and destroy Ammut once and for all. Alfie has a special gift for Willow.

Season 3, Episode 39 (House Of Ammut)

4.0 35 x
Eddie and KT realise the purpose of the keys. Ammut begins to take form, and Jerome writes to Joy, explaining his feelings for her.

Season 3, Episode 38 (House Of Hog (part 2))

4.0 42 x
Eddie and KT find the final artefact and take it to the gatehouse to destroy Ammut. Joy and Mara find common ground as they comfort a heartbroken Willow.

Season 3, Episode 37 (House Of Hog (part 1))

4.0 31 x
Alfie and KT work together to rescue Eddie, while Joy and Mara lose Willow's pet hedgehog.

Season 3, Episode 36 (House Of Heartbreak)

3.0 40 x
Mara is furious when Joy admits how she feels about Jerome. Eddie asks Patricia's sister for help, and KT does not know who to trust.

Season 3, Episode 35 (House Of Capture)

4.0 48 x
Fabian falls into the clutches of Frobisher, bringing Ammut's collection even closer to completion. Jerome makes a change to the ending of the play, to Joy's surprise.

Season 3, Episode 34 (House Of Suspicion)

4.0 26 x
Willow accidentally provides a vital clue, KT runs away, and Fabian learns the truth about Patricia.

Season 3, Episode 33 (House Of Cunning)

4.0 34 x
Eddie uncovers the traitor, the Sibunas search for the missing artefacts, and KT loses all hope of ever proving her innocence.

Season 3, Episode 32 (House Of Imposters)

4.0 31 x
Denby and Frobisher kidnap Willow, but find she is unsuitable for their plans. Patricia offers to help KT clear her name.

Season 3, Episode 31 (House Of Treachery)

4.0 12 x
Eddie thinks one of the gang is plotting to betray the others, and Mara comes up with yet another scheme to humiliate Jerome.