How The Universe Works

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How The Universe Works

The galaxy is full of stars ready to explode into supernovas, a stellar detonation powerful enough to destroy all life on Earth; it's an event that hasn't occurred in 400 years.

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Season 9
White dwarfs are small, dead stars with a dangerous side. Are they are capable of exploding into supernovas and destroying planets?
An explosion in the discovery of exoplanets is challenging everything we know about our universe; experts use cutting-edge astronomy to investigate these mysterious alien worlds.
The hidden kingdom of microscopic alien organisms shapes the universe as much as galaxies, stars, and planets.
A brand-new NASA mission to the Sun reveals cutting-edge discoveries about Earth's star; as the Parker Solar Probe dives through the Sun's atmosphere.
New discoveries reveal an astonishing supermassive black hole that was born during the earliest days of the cosmos, and finding out how this giant grew so large so quickly.
The Rosetta mission was a ground-breaking expedition to land on a comet for the very first time; special access reveals what this cutting-edge journey discovered.
Galaxies are locked in continual combat across the universe, and our own Milky Way will face its biggest opponent ever, the Andromeda Galaxy, in a titanic and deadly struggle.
Season 8
If a massive asteroid collides with Earth, it could end life on the planet as one knows it; new discoveries reveal just how close civilization is to apocalypse.
Our Moon is far bigger compared to any other moon in the solar system. But where the Moon came from remains the biggest mystery in planetary science.
The discovery of extraterrestrial life might face an impossible challenge: the physics of the universe itself; using cutting-edge tech, experts might be on the verge of a find.
Earth's journey through the universe is a perilous one; new discoveries reveal that the planet is heading toward a mysterious area of the cosmos.
Some of the brightest minds and theorists on the planet explore the limits of human knowledge and explain the science behind the rules of the universe.
Time travel may be more possible now than ever imagined, cutting-edge technology and the latest research is helping experts get closer to discovering how to travel through time.
The center of the Milky Way is difficult to understand, but using the latest science, experts are revealing how the supermassive black hole the galaxy's core shapes life on Earth.
The universe's stars are dying faster than new ones are born; using the latest technology, experts investigate the secrets of the last stars and what this means for life on Earth.
We don't yet know where the edge of the universe is; but thanks to cutting-edge technology, experts might reveal the secrets of the phenomena that can be found in deepest reaches.
NASA plans to send humans to Mars within just 15 years, but to reach this next frontier of space exploration, experts must discover new technology and cutting-edge science.
NASA's Juno spacecraft is part of a cutting-edge mission to explore the mysteries of Jupiter.
Season 7
For twenty years, NASA's Cassini spacecraft revealed the strange secrets of Saturn until it vaporized in its atmosphere in a blaze of glory.