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Hugh's Three Good Things

It’s the final day of competition time at River Cottage - so who will win Veg week, as today everyone has to cook with the star ingredient of kale? Will it be Hugh’s intriguing kale, onion and chestnut pizza?

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Season 1
It's competition time at River Cottage and the stoves are hotting up. As we reach day for our Veg week, we're celebrating that delicious staple of some many plates - the mushroom.
It's all about the lovely courgette as we hit the halfway mark in veg week. Hugh has a compelling case for winning with his competition dish of courgettes, mozzarella and pasta.
The same cast of characters return - they all cook across five days, to find a 'winner of the week'. Today is tomatoes with recipes such as roasted lamb shoulder and tomatoes with grey mullet.
The star ingredient is beetroot. Watch out for the following recipes: an egg anchovy salad, marinated beetroot, blue cheese and poppy seeds, and yoghurt soup. Which one will be the winner?