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S1 Ep4 - Message In A Bottle 21:05

S1 Ep4 - Message In A Bottle

3.0 0 x
Message in a Bottle - Tom meets with corporate partner Garnier about refreshing their co-sponsored communal garden in Harlem. Tiffany asks Stephen for help on creating an upcycled bench for the garden. Meanwhile, Tom tries to eliminate meat from the office lunch program. (S.1 Ep.4) (From ...
S1 Ep3 - From Zero To Hero 21:07

S1 Ep3 - From Zero To Hero

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From Zero to Hero - In an effort to expand their Zero Waste recycling program to small businesses, Rhandi and Dan work on developing a successful sales pitch strategy. While accompanying them on their pitches, Stephen stumbles upon a potential new waste stream. (S.1 Ep.2) (From the US) (C...
S1 Ep2 - Talkin Trash 21:02

S1 Ep2 - Talkin Trash

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Talkin' Trash - Tom and TerraCycle are close to finalising a deal for a coffee table book of DIY upcycling ideas but the team first needs to create a sample chapter. In preparation for a meeting with the publisher, Albe asks Dean to work on being more professional. (S.1 Ep.1) (From the US...
S1 Ep1 - Peace, Love And Plastic 21:03

S1 Ep1 - Peace, Love And Plastic

3.0 1 x
Peace, Love and Plastic - This comedic real-life series is about TerraCycle, an innovative company whose mission is to eliminate the idea of waste. Run by nerdy hippie types who take time away from their desks to snack on kale chips and partake in office yoga, and skeptical corporate empl...
S2 Ep10 - Bottle Of The Sexes 20:05

S2 Ep10 - Bottle Of The Sexes

Expired 3.0 2 x
Bottle of the Sexes - When TerraCycle is tasked with developing a way to inspire college students to recycle personal care and beauty waste, Stephanie and Tony vie for control of the project. TerraCycle has growing pains when several new office policies are instituted. (S.2 Ep.10) (From t...
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