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In a sitting on the edge of your seat finale, which of the remaining four fugitives will make it to extraction and win a share of $100,000"

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Season 2
With many of the remaining fugitive teams splitting up to double their chances, the Hunters are racing against time to capture them all before the looming extraction day.
With only five days until extraction it's game on and gloves off for HQ who want a clean sweep of the remaining fugitives.
As the hunt enters its final week, the expert Hunters and desperate Fugitives are pulling out all the stops - breaking and entering, phone hacking, and even decoy tactics.
A breakthrough after three days of dead ends leads to a state-of-the-art night drone and sniffer dog search.
With thirteen days till extraction, tension, stress and paranoia begins to arise for the remaining fugitives as they continue to evade the Hunters.
With the hunters hard at work untangling the networks of the remaining fugitives, three more teams have close calls with the hunters.
A long-awaited capture for the hunters, and a bad decision that lands two fugitives in hot water.
Hotel rooms booked online, calls to friends, mistakes are being made, as the pressure to evade the hunters mounts on Day 4 of the fugitives' run... But will their slip-ups lead to their capture?
Cunning disguises, private jets and audacious live taunts - as the fugitives get bolder, the Hunters are snapping at their heals, but can the remaining fugitive pairs escape for much longer?
After being released in Melbourne's Docklands, an unprecedented 20 Fugitives have 21 days to evade capture by an elite team of investigators called the Hunters.
Season 1
With only three days left until extraction, the Hunters are now desperate to nab the remaining Fugitives. One team splits up to confuse their pursuers, while another team decides to taunt the Hunters.
Four teams of Fugitives remain on the run and the hunt is hotting up! A digital trail threatens to bring one team's plans unstuck, while Hunters travel to Victoria's High Country thanks to a hot lead.
Get ready to run! 18 Fugitives are released in Federation Square, pursued by Hunters and an elite team of investigators. Those who manage to evade the Hunters for 21 days, will win a share of $100,000
Sam is exposed as a spy, and trapped inside the house. Sam at last begins to recover terrible memories that explain why the Hourglass conspirators want her dead.
Two teams of Fugitives arrive in Ballarat seperately, leading to a frantic chase by Ground Hunters. Will either team be captured? Plus, one cunning pair make a rookie error that could seal their fate.
An ATM withdrawal by the Fugitives leads the Hunters to canvass the nearby streets. Assuming the Hunters are closing in, the Fugitives high tail it out of there, aided by a new associate.
In the thrilling series finale, find out who will reign supreme as the last remaining Fugitives race to the extraction point after 21 days on the run from Hunters, to share in $100,000 in prize money!
A public tip-off helps Hunters as they chase a team of Fugitives from Wonthaggi to Phillip Island, while another team of cunning Fugitives send Hunters on a wild chase 260km in the wrong direction.
The chase continues, with high stakes on both sides. The Hunters are closing in on a team's location, but can they swoop before a team of Fugitives make their escape?