Hunting Aotearoa

March 2019

Season 11 Episode 20 - Crow Reservation

4.0 1 x
Tonight Glen is in the western United States in the state of Montana, hunting buffalo and elk with some members of the Crow Tribe.

Season 11 Episode 19 - Vancouver Island

4.0 1 x
Tonight Glen is in British Columbia, Canada, hunting black bear and elk on Vancouver Island with two hunters from the Snaw Naw tribe.

Season 11 Episode 18 - Waimana

3.0 2 x
Tonight Glen is hunting in Waimana Valley, Eastern Bay of Plenty at Matahi, in search of deer with Paaku Titoko local farmer and keen hunter.

Season 11 Episode 17 - Waiouru

4.5 5 x
Tonight Glen travels to the Waiouru Army Base where Aaron Morrison will put Glen through the passes of target shooting before he takes him into the back blocks for a deer hunt.

Season 11 Episode 16 - Queenstown

3.0 5 x
Queenstown hunters take Glen out for a bit of pest control rabbit shooting before choppering into the hills for in search of the Red Deer.

Season 11 Episode 15 - Haast

4.0 5 x
Glen and passionate hunter Weka set up camp on the snow capped mountains of Solution Range, Haast. The targeted species is tahr and chamois.
February 2019

Season 11 Episode 14 - Waikato Poaka

4.0 5 x
Tonight pig hunters Shawn & Tony take Glen into the Tokoroa Pines in the Waikato Region.

Season 11 Episode 13 - Cheviot

4.0 4 x
Tonight we're in the Hurunui District of North Canterbury in the small service town of Cheviot with 17 year old Louisa McClintock and her mate Johnny.

Season 11 Episode 12 - Rapumarumaru

Expired 4.0 6 x
Tonight Glen is hunting in the south west of the north island, 14 kilometers from Whanganui in search for Fallow deer with hunting guide Clayton Robinson of Ohinerata Hunting.

Season 11 Episode 11 - Rangatahi On Target

Expired 3.0 3 x
Tonight we're in the Taupo region with a group of future young hunters learning the ropes with hunting instructor Shanan Harrington. In search of their first kill of Sika deer to feed the family.