I Kissed A Boy

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I Kissed A Boy

A sizzling summer of love has come to an end, and now it's teatime with Dannii Minogue as she brings all the boys back together for what is set to be an iconic I Kissed a Boy Reunion.

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Season 1
The summer of love has come to an end. Who is ready to commit to their partner with a kiss in front of their friends and family? And who is having second thoughts?
The third Kiss-Off ends with a bang, sexual tension hits 100, and Dannii asks the couples to make their toughest decision yet.
The dinner party concludes with heated words and bruised relationships, but the love game gets back on track when Dannii introduces two new boys - just in time for the Kiss-Off.
The boys face the most dramatic Kiss-Off yet, and tensions reach boiling point when a rift forms in the group, leading to a very dramatic dinner party.
Sparks fly as three new boys enter the Masseria. Mikey and Ollie go head to head, Ben’s broken heart looks set to be mended, and Gareth opens up about his past.
Mikey reveals his decision at the Kiss-Off, and the boys face their first Chemistry Test - leading to drama, tension and some couples drifting apart. Luckily, Dannii Minogue has a plan.
New boy Mikey turns heads, Ben questions his feelings for Ollie, and the Masseria sees its first love triangle. Everyone has a big decision to make at the first Kiss-Off.
Ten single guys are matched up and meet for the first time... with a kiss. Get ready for the UK’s first ever gay dating show, with pop icon Dannii Minogue playing Cupid.