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Iconic Australia

After World War II, Australian society underwent massive growth and rapid transformation driven by post-war immigration, the baby boom and home ownership.

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Season 1
The iconic myth of the red center is seared into the Australian psyche. A space of mystery and truth, this is a story that runs to the heart of Australia's nationhood.
The great island continent has produced some of the strangest creatures on planet earth. There's no mistaking the Australian marsupials with their pouches.
When you look back through Australia's history, social change is almost always marked by the rebellious behaviour of larrikin Aussies.
Australia is a mining nation. The digging started in earnest when gold was discovered in 1851. 170 years later, it is a massively profitable export industry.
Canberra, Australia's capital city, was conceived in 1908 to bring the nation together. It was to be the seat of the Federal government and embody the spirit of a growing nation.
The sails of the Sydney Opera House were set to revamp the image of Australia across the globe when the building officially opened on October 20 1973.