In The Flesh

July 2014

S2 Ep6

Expired 2.0 69 x
The dramatic season final takes place against the backdrop of Roarton’s annual winter fete and traditional boundary march. Danger is descending on Kieren. Simon believes he’s the key to a Second Rising, while an unhinged Gary thinks he’s planning a Blue Oblivion attack on Roarton. Gary gets to him first, determined to publically out him as a ULA terrorist. He manhandles Kieren to the new graveyard where he knows the boundary march will be heading – then forces him to take Blue Oblivion. Kieren ...

S2 Ep5

Expired 3.0 37 x
Kieren finds the strength to shed his contact lenses and cover up mousse in public for the first time. However, he’s wrongly accused of freeing the rabids at the GP surgery and hauled in front of the increasingly tyrannical parish council. The council place Kieren under house arrest, threatening to send him back to the Norfolk treatment centre if he doesn’t confess. (From the UK) (Drama Series) M(H,L)

S2 Ep4

4.0 96 x
Kieren is conflicted about seeing Simon behind Amy’s back. However, Simon proves how much he cares by stepping into Kieren’s world and having Sunday lunch at the Walkers. Unfortunately, Amy witnesses the loved up pair en route to Kieren’s house and is crushed by their betrayal. After a positive start, the Sunday lunch descends into chaos. A tipsy and trouble-making Jem and Gary descend on the meal, provoking Kieren into a confession which sends shockwaves round the family. Meanwhile, Philip can...

S2 Ep3

3.0 108 x
Fate throws Kieren and Simon together on the Give Back Scheme, this time at the doctor’s surgery. Simon reassures Kieren that he’s not leading Amy on, but the pair come to blows when Kieren thwarts his plan to free two caged rabids. PDS Sufferer Freddie Preston returns from the grave to find his childhood sweetheart, Haley, shacked up in their marital home with her new boyfriend Amir. Haley and Amir allow Freddie to stay in the spare room until he’s back on his feet which is not ideal for Fredd...
June 2014

S2 Ep2

3.0 72 x
Kieren’s dreams of escape are left in tatters when Maxine imposes an Undead travel ban on Roarton and introduces stringent measures for PDS Sufferers to pay back their debt to society. However, being thrust together with Simon on Maxine’s ‘Give Back Scheme’ has its benefits. The two have a connection, and Kieren agrees to go to Simon’s Undead party that night, where Simon makes a surprising declaration. Meanwhile, troubled Jem feels completely alienated at school, until she is revealed to be an...

S2 Ep1

3.0 80 x
S2 Ep1 of In The Flesh was broadcast by SBS ONE on Wednesday 18 June 2014 at 11:30.


3.0 109 x
The second series takes us back to Roarton, where the living and the undead have reached a fragile peace, with Kieren Walker - a PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) sufferer - desperately keeping his head down, squirrelling money into his 'escape fund'. But in the wider world, fear is in the air. The radical Pro-Living Party, Victus, is gaining government seats, with a resulting spate of PDS Terrorism linked to the Undead Liberation Army. With the arrival in the village of new and explosive chara...
February 2014

S1 Ep3

3.0 58 x
After visiting the supermarket where he used to hunt with Amy, Kieren remembers that his sister Jem once spared his life. Together, brother and sister confront the demons in their pasts. Kieren feels momentarily better, but then has to say goodbye to Amy who is leaving Roarton in search of The Prophet. Kieren and Rick try to find peace and acceptance as PDS sufferers in this highly-charged new world. (Part 3 of 3) (Drama Series) M(V,H,L)
January 2014

S1 Ep2

3.0 81 x
Macy's soldier son Rick, with whom Kieren was very close, returns from Afghanistan severely scarred. He too is a 'rotter' but as Macy's boy, has some protection. Amy persuades Kieren to attend Rick's homecoming party but it is interrupted by a call for a zombie hunt. Meanwhile, a father and daughter pair of rotters are found but Kieren persuades Rick not to kill them. (From the UK) (Drama series) M(V,H,L)