In The Night Garden


Season 4, Episode 87 (Upsy Daisy Dances With The Pontipines)

3.5 4 x
Upsy Daisy is having a dancy day in the garden. First she dances with the Tombliboos. Then she dances with the Pontipines.

Season 4, Episode 85 (Long And Ponky Ride In The Pinky Ponk)

3.0 5 x
The Tombliboos are taking a ride on the Pinky Ponk.

Season 3, Episode 52 (Dinner In The Ninky Nonk)

1.5 10 x
The Pontipines decide to have their dinner on the Ninky Nonk.

Season 3, Episode 51 (Where's Your Uff-uff, Makka Pakka?)

3.0 18 x
Makka Pakka is washing the ball when his Uff-uff blows right away. It falls into Upsy Daisy's bed.

Season 3, Episode 75 (Make Up Your Mind Upsy Daisy)

3.0 15 x
Upsy Daisy is singing in the garden when the ball bounces along and comes to a rest beside her. Upsy Daisy can't make up her mind whether to sing or play with the ball.
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