In Their Own Words: British Novelists

January 2014

S1 Ep3 - Nothing Sacred (1970 - 1990)

4.0 52 x
Nothing Sacred (1970-1990) - As Punk noisily grabbed the headlines in the 1970s, literature was going through its own changes. The huge impact of the Post-Colonial novel created an opportunity for novelists to experiment with form, structure and style. Feminist fiction finally brought writers such as Doris Lessing and Iris...
December 2013

S1 Ep2 - The Age Of Anxiety (1945 - 1969)

3.0 41 x
The Age of Anxiety (1945-1969) - After two World Wars, a group of Oxford University tutors recast the horrors of war by creating a new genre: fantasy. Meetings of the Inklings gave birth to The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. The Inklings were motivated by traditional forces, but the Movement represented th...

S1 Ep1 - Among The Ruins (1919 - 1939)

3.0 95 x
Among the Ruins (1919-1939) - A three-part series looking at the story of the British novel in the 20th century, told by those who know it best - the authors themselves. ‘We are among the ruins’, wrote D.H. Lawrence describing the decade after the First World War. Some of the greatest, most innovative works of modern Briti...