Inside Crime


Episode 3 (Evil Intent)

3.0 9 x
It's an age old question. What drives seemingly ordinary men and women to undertake the most atrocious and often bizarre crimes imaginable? Are some people born evil...born with criminal intent?

Episode 2 (Women Who Kill)

4.0 10 x
In the world of true crime it's a common sight; violent men on a rampage, a homicide from a drug deal gone bad, a robbery or alcohol fuelled act of violence. But there's another side, there's times where the killer is a close family member.

Episode 1 (Til Death Us Do Part)

4.0 15 x
They're called crimes of passion, the sort of crimes where true love turns into obsession, betrayal and revenge. So often, there's a thin line between the one you love and the one you murder.