Inside Story

January 2017

Ep 2 Birds of a Feather/The Snake Charmer

3.0 36 x
A fascinating insight into the lives of Australia's most identical twins. Also, if you grew up thinking the only good snake is a dead one, you're in for a shock when you meet Julia Baker, the Harley-riding, mother of two with an odd passion.

Ep 1 Walking Free/Golden Girl

4.0 29 x
How did Arnold Schwartzenegger inspire a 12-year-old boy to become one of the world's great orthopaedic surgeons? Also, meet the girl who stopped growing at the age of 10, and at 17 already has a number one hit on the country music charts.
December 2016

Ep 5 Fatal Voyage

4.0 29 x
The gripping story of how a group of Australian holidaymakers survived the sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia
February 2016

Ep 4 The Real Me

3.0 325 x
He was born a boy, but Ethan always knew he was really a girl. From the moment he could crawl, he liked to dress up and play with his sister’s dolls. His parents thought it was a childish phase … he’d grow out of it … but Ethan’s obsession only grew.

Ep 3 The Snake Charmer

3.0 120 x
If you grew up thinking the only good snake is a dead one … you’re in for a shock. A shock in the form of a human tornado named Julia Baker. A Harley-riding, mother of two. A former pastry cook and puppeteer, whose life took a wild turn 11 years ago.

Ep 1 Walking Free

3.0 322 x
How could Arnold Schwartzenegger possibly inspire a 12-year-old boy to become one of the world’s great orthopedic surgeons? A good question. And just one of many intriguing twists in the life of Dr Munjed Al Muderis.
January 2016

2015 - True Crime Episode 7

3.0 103 x
A father discovers the massacre of his entire family was masterminded by his surviving son. But remarkably, he forgives him. Hosted by Leila McKinnon.
December 2015

2015 - True Crime Episode 6

3.0 109 x
The Dark Side. A Queensland schoolkid executes his own brother after coming under the evil influence of the Ku Klux Klan. Hosted by Leila McKinnon.
August 2015

2015 Episode 5

3.0 153 x
The outspoken Aussie mum whose extreme views on raising children, like breastfeeding her six-year-old daughter, have sparked international controversy.
July 2015

2015 Episode 4

3.0 223 x
The pulse-racing life and times of Dr Gordian Fulde, the inspirational surgeon who helped clean up Australia's sin capital, Kings Cross.
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