Inside West Coast Customs

Inside West Coast Customs catch up

June 2020

7. Monster Cable Tron - This Is Not A Game!

4.0 46 x
West Coast Customs steps into the future by transforming and Audi R8 into a Tron inspired super car to be unveiled at CES.

6. Spy Optics - Not Your Grandparents RV

4.0 18 x
Looking good and doing it in style is what West Coast Customs and Spy Optics are known for, now Ryan and his team turn an RV fit for a grandma into a VIP lounge fit for pro snowboarder Louie Vito.

1. Virgin Gaming - The Armoured Lounge

4.0 32 x
With the launch of the new Virgin Gaming site premiering at E3, Sir Richard Branson teams up with West Coast Customs to transform an armoured vehicle into a luxurious gamers lounge.
March 2020

10. RV With An Impact

3.0 21 x
In order to promote Cracker Jack'd, the WCC team do the impossible once again. This time by transforming an RV into something truly impactful, a Mobile Dunk Tank.

9. The Road Home

4.0 17 x
In honor of Veteran's Day, the team at WCC join forces with eBay to create cars for 3 deserving vets.

S4 E7 - Smurf's Come To Town

3.0 26 x
Watch as Ryan and co. take a trip to Smurf village to build four of the smurfiest vehicles around.

6. Chris Brown's First Love

3.0 3 x
You only have one first love, and for Chris Brown it's his 2004 Lamborgini. But this R&B sensation can't be seen driving last years whip, so he's asked Ryan to update his baby into something new.
February 2020

5. Geek Squad

4.0 14 x
West Coast Customs Geek out at NASCAR when Carl Edwards asks Ryan to design a wrap for his race car that's more chic and less geek.

10. Rascal Flatts - Take The T-Tops Out

3.0 37 x
"Take the T-tops out" and that is exactly what Ryan and the crew do when they team up with Rascal Flatts for the release of their single "Red Camaro".
January 2020

9. Best Buy/Discovery - Hot Dog Hero

4.0 22 x
The team decks out a sizzlin' hot-dog cart and surprises a heroic food vendor who stood watch outside the Discovery Channel headquarters during a life threatening hostage crisis.