Instant HotelSeason 1, Episode 8

  • Season 1Episode 8
  • Playback time50:00

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Instant Hotel

Instant Hotel is a TV show on Seven. Instant Hotel is an Australian reality series that was made for television which follows four pairs of contestants (five in the first season of the show) and home owners who have transformed their homes into hotels. The project of each participating pair is judged by the other pairs on the show and given a score, with the winner taking home an ultimate prize. In the first season, this consisted of an all-expenses paid stay at an Instant Hotel in California, but this was changed to a cash prize of USD100'000 in later seasons. The scores received by the participants are based on the house itself, its location, value for money, and the quality of a good night's sleep there. Subsequently, each home owner can also score the other contestants on their stay as house guests, which also influences the final score. Instant Hotel was produced by Seven Studios, the company that also created popular shows such as House Rules and My Kitchen Rules. The popular program has been available since 2024. A total of 1 episode was broadcast in June 2024.