Interest Rate Decision

Interest Rate Decision catch up


Season 2019, Episode 6 (November)

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It's the rate that stops the nation. The RBA has cut interest rates three times this year, with the official cash rate at a record low 0.75%. Will a further cut on Melbourne Cup Day be used to stimulate sluggish growth?

Season 2019, Episode 5 (October)

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With a sluggish economy and unemployment rising to 5.3%, will the Reserve Bank cut interest rates this month to further stimulate the economy after back-to-back cuts in June and July.

Season 2019, Episode 4 (September)

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Live coverage as the Reserve Bank hands down its decision on interest rates for September. After no change in August, will back-to-back cuts in June and July have stimulated growth in the economy?

Season 2019, Episode 3 (August)

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After the first back-to-back interest rate cuts since 2012, the cash rate sits at record low levels of 1%. Will the Reserve Bank move again at their monthly meeting in August?

Season 2019, Episode 2 (July)

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Live coverage of the Reserve Bank's Interest Rate decision for July. With economic growth slowing some experts predict another cut after June's 0.25% reduction. Analysis with Elysse Morgan, Peter Ryan and Alicia Barry.