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Interstellar Ella

On Sedna, Ella and her friends discover the space probe Voyager 1. Ella takes the Golden Record from the probe and takes it to Mom who reveals that Ella's greatest grandfather recorded a greeting on it!

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Season 1
Human Day is Ella's favourite day of the year and she invites Madhu to join her family for dinner. With Maggie's help, Madhu learns about the customs of different cultures.
When Glitch's arm shorts out, Ella's dad has the right tools to fix him. While he's at it, Dad shows off his latest creation, a Super Towing Arm.
Ella and Slippy have been practicing their rock-climbing skills, so that they can tackle the recently formed, huge crater on Saturn's moon, Enceladus.
After hurting her leg, Ella has to take it easy for an entire day. Does she have the patience to sit and rest for that long?
Ella is enlisted to pet sit Buttons, a friend's dog, on the very day she has to finish a school project about Venus.
Slippy has heard a rumour that the abandoned outpost the gang plans to visit is haunted so he brings his ghost detector goggles, just in case!
Ella's mom is a hall of fame Enceladus 500 race champion, and Ella wants to be just like her!
Priya has arrived from Earth to complete a school project about Mars. Priya is unfamiliar with the planet and a bit nervous about its huge dust storms.
Slippy wants to watch an eclipse so badly that he makes special safety goggles for himself and his friends. But Ella has a different plan.
How can one little golf ball cause a crater the size of a house? By hurtling through space - that's how!
Ella and Slippy are perfecting their triple corkscrews when Priya, Ella's best friend from Earth, surprises her with a visit. Priya performs a perfect triple corkscrew to everyone's amazement.
Ella always looks forward to Momella Day. And this Momella day promises to be the most interstellar yet, because they are going to see a small but powerful Red Dwarf star!
While playing ice hockey on Europa, an ice-covered moon of Jupiter, a stray puck hits Ella's wrist and injures Maggie.
The gang is playing tag the Meteoroid when Glitch fails to follow Slippy's instruction. He soon realises it's because Glitch saw the comet he's been tracking for months!
When Space Junk smashes into their Clubhouse, Ella and Slippy set off to fix the problem.
Slippy takes everyone on a spectacular constellation safari with his space sparkler!
The gang is playing tag when Madhu is chased by a space probe! It turns out it is from Madwhy, Madhu's sibling. They send each other gifts.
Slippy's cousin Gem wants time apart from her twin brother I.Lo but he doesn't want to hear it. When no one wants to investigate the super puff planet they discovered, Gem races off on her own.
Ella and her friends play a star-riddle game that is a tradition in Slippy's family. In order to beat Slippy's cousins, they need to find some super-giant stars!