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Island Of Bryan

Contractor Bryan Baeumler, his wife Sarah and their family head to the Bahamas to overhaul a beachfront resort.

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Season 1
Bryan and Sarah navigate uncharted hospitality challenges as they put the finishing touches on the gym and spa.
The crew tackles final details around the resort as the opening date inches closer; with staff hiring and training underway, Sarah and Bryan welcome their first wedding guests.
Bryan and Sarah face unexpected expenses and budget stress creates tension on site; Jojo campaigns for a puppy.
Bryan and Sarah reflect on the one year anniversary of their arrival on the island, and discuss their plans for the future as well as the evolution of their project.
The family struggles to come to terms with their extended timeline on the island; Bryan and Sarah finish the honeymoon suite.
Bryan and Sarah navigate a learning curve as their office is renovated and furnishing begins; hospitality training and excursion offers are explored.
Bryan and Sarah settle down, in order to finally reassess their priorities, and the crew finish their first villa.
Bryan continues to get construction headaches as he starts work on the pool bar and deck; the industrial kitchen gets delayed.
The morale of the troops is greatly affected by the enormous amount of unfinished work still left on the site. Bryan's parents pay a surprise visit much to the children's delight.
The Bauemlers bring in extra support from home to help with the project; Sarah is left in charge of construction.
Bryan and Sarah struggle to get some alone time; Bryan and Sarah make a decision about the opening date.
Bryan and Sarah are faced with the realities of true island life as they are building the villas. While they try to face these unique challenges, the villas are now nearly completed.
Bryan and Sarah take on the Honeymoon Suite; the schedule and budget are both impacted by construction setbacks and changes to the design.
Bryan and Sarah run into more trouble than they anticipated with the renovation of the main building. They put their skills to the test by taking on the resort's pool.
As the Baeumlers settle in to their new island life and demolition gets underway, they learn about the state of the property.
The Baeumler family relocates to the Bahamas with the hope of renovating and opening a beachfront resort.