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Jade Armor

Xin Qi needs a vessel like a genie needs a lamp. Tonight's strength-giving lunar event should help. But the Red Moon also causes Shards to rise.

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Season 1
Ban Tang isn't a ghost town, people are invisible. Black Tiger steals a crystal ball with an invisibility Shard in it to become the world's greatest thief.
When L.J.'s rose-tinted sunglasses turn out to be Shard-tinted, our heroine is her own problem. The effect makes her so Pollyanna, she can see no evil.
Don't change the channel! A Universal Remote with a Shard in it makes Ban Tang switch genres with the click of a button.
When a Shard makes emojis, social-media filters, Likes, and more appear 'I.R.L.' the city is one big popularity contest.
Xinyan has a plot to get all humans out of his way in one fell swoop. In a double double-cross, the monkey pits Jade and Crimson against each other.
A Shard transports L.J. to an alternate universe! In this version of Ban Tang, everything seems amazing: Kai is L.J.'s doting boyfriend and she isn't Jade Armor because Xin Qi is!
L.J. gets hooked on a Jade Armor video game, obsessed with topping the leaderboard. While L.J. is distracted, the Crimson Lord regrows his gauntlets!
When the Crimson Lord locks fans in a comic convention, most think it's an Escape Room but L.J knows it's no game! With nowhere to go and Theo and Alisha outside, turning Jade would blow her cover.
On Blue Lynx's maiden heist, she takes a souvenir a spool of thread - unaware of a Shard in it. With the power to bind those who wear it, L.J. and Pearl wind up unlikely 'besties'.
A bottle of Xin Qi's favourite perfume brings fond memories till a Shard ruins it. A spritz makes victims adore the first person they see. This stinks!
After hours, Kai helps L.J search the school for confiscated dice, using a Skeleton Key (Shard)! It opens any door but leads anywhere the keyholder thinks of.
A Shard causes freak weather but the Beasticons aren't up for the hunt. When they go into a frozen state, Jade is desperate enough to leave them in Xinyan's 'care'.
L.J and Theo pet a kitty and swap bodies! L.J needs the cat's Shard but catching it is no easy feat. L.J finds her walk in others' shoes eye-opening.
Theo's play is being put on - yay! But the auditions are awful - boo! When a Shard in a spotlight gives the illusion of talent, L.J leaves it there to help Theo's show.
A size-changing Shard makes Xinyan huge and L.J tiny. The big ape terrorises Ban Tang to scare humans out of his habitat! But mini-Jade Armor's powers are downsized.
When a journal contains a Shard that records the deepest secrets of anyone who touches it, L.J.'s identity as Jade is written in its pages!
The Memorial Fountain's not supposed to wipe memories, it's a Shard! As Jade works to save Ban Tang from amnesia, Black Tiger catnaps Baihu!
L.J. feels like a puppet on a string, pulled between teen and Jade life. But when a Shard in a singing bowl makes people mindless vessels, the Crimson Lord gets a puppet army at his fingertips.
A Shard in Gram-Gram's dice is the centre of gravity. When the dice roll, so does the city! The stakes of a Mahjong game couldn't be higher. .