Judge John Deed

March 2016

Thu 10 Mar, season 5 episode 3

3.0 381 x
Deed is asked to reopen the case of a soldier who was damaged by vaccines given to him by the army and later committed suicide.

Thu 10 Mar, season 5 episode 4

2.5 205 x
As Deed delves deeper and deeper into why funding for the soldier to sue the pharmaceutical company was withdrawn, he makes more and more sinister discoveries.

Thu 3 Mar, season 5 episode 1

4.0 242 x
Deed is in the Hague, hearing a case of a young British soldier who killed 11 Iraqi civilians and is now accused of war crimes.

Thu 3 Mar, season 5 episode 2

3.0 239 x
Deed's ruling on the case of an extreme right-wing councillor has brought him to the attention of Muslim extremists.
February 2016

Thu 25 Feb, season 4 episode 4

3.0 180 x
Gilly Bridges and her husband Jake both have severe health problems which they believe have been caused by a mobile phone mast erected above their flats. Deed hears the case.

Thu 18 Feb, season 4 episode 3

3.0 177 x
A comatose two-year-old's parents are told that it would be in their child's best interests if they did not resuscitate him again. The parents fight for him in court and Deed must rule on the case.

Thu 11 Feb, season 4 episode 2

3.0 120 x
A fire-bomb in the animal "hotel" of the science faculty at Sussex University destroys the building and kills a scientist. Henry Free, an animal rights movement organiser is put on trial for murder.

Thu 4 Feb, season 4 episode 1

3.0 159 x
A young black man, Paul Settle, is murdered in prison a week before he is due for release. He was stabbed by known racist Ben Bradwell in a shared prison cell.
December 2015

Thu 24 Dec, season 3 episode 5

2.5 261 x
Deed presides over a civil action against a waste incinerator company accused of damaging the health of the community.

Thu 17 Dec, season 3 episode 4

3.0 177 x
Deed's fellow judges turn against him for his indiscretion with a claimant. He is temporarily exiled to lecture at the University of Warwick.