Judge John Deed

May 2020

3. Evidence Of Harm - Part 1 Of 2

3.8 179 x
Deed is asked to reopen the case of a soldier who was damaged by vaccines given to him by the Army and later commited suicide.

4. Evidence Of Harm - Part 2 Of 2

4.0 74 x
As Deed delves deeper and deeper into why Government-funded Legal Aid was withdrawn for the soldier he makes more and more sinister discoveries.

1. War Crimes - Part 1 Of 2

4.0 101 x
Deed is in the Hague, hearing a case of a young British soldier who killed eleven Iraqi civilians and is now accused of war crimes.

2. War Crimes - Part 2 Of 2

4.0 30 x
Deed faces the dilemma of whether to allow a miscarriage of justice to save the lives of many soldiers.

4. Silent Killer

4.5 63 x
Two cancer patients are convinced that their illnesses have been caused by a mobile phone mast erected above their flats and they are suing the local council.

3. Lost Youth

4.0 37 x
The parents of a two year old comatose child go to court to prevent their child's life support being turned off.

2. My Daughter, Right Or Wrong

3.3 89 x
A fire-bomb in the animal "hotel" of the science faculty at Sussex University destroys the new multi- million-pound building and kills a scientist.
April 2020

1. Hard Gating

4.0 91 x
A young black man is stabbed to death in a shared cell a week before he is due for release. Eventually, it becomes clear that the murder was a set-up.

6. Popular Appeal

4.5 70 x
During a reality TV show one contestant, in an explosion of stress-filled anger, kills another on camera.

5. Separation Of Powers

2.0 62 x
Deed presides over a civil action against a waste incinerator company accused of damaging the health of the community.