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Buoyed by his mum's revelation, Jamma finally tackles his shaking boxes. The wave of clarity about his relationship makes him feel like a brand-new man. But when he discovers the crushing fate of the Megacentre, will he step up to the challenge or revert to his child self? Meanw...

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Season 1
Jamma and his colleagues embark on an Escape Room adventure to foster team bonding after a disastrous pitch. Jamma tries to keep Winnie and Guy from talking to each other, in hopes of covering up his lie. But instead, he finds himself entering a gateway into the past.
To outshine his brother, Jamma takes on too many work commitments. He also secures a flat with Winnie, but dreads the inevitable conversation with Guy. And with Saif mysteriously absent, Jamma embarks on a quest to find him, but as he searches for answers, he finds himself preoccupied by what lurks beneath the floorboards ...
Guy eagerly anticipates meeting Jamma's parents, but Jamma faces a challenge in getting his mum to agree to the introduction. Jamma gets theatrical to try and uncover the truth behind Farida's actions. But is he prepared for what he'll discover?
Now that Jamma's in a committed relationship, everyone starts to fancy him. But instead of focusing on his own issues, he ends up playing therapist to his mum and dad. At work he attempts to bond with Isaac to land the next big project.
In an attempt to impress his boss, Jamma sneakily uses his brother for a market research session at work, but his plan backfires. Meanwhile, Mum's fixation with divorcing Dad shifts Jamma's attention to saving their marriage and there's a surprising confession from his boyfriend, Guy.