Just Shoot Me

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Sun 23 Oct, season 6 episode 8

4.1 80 x
Kevin begins stalking Maya instead of Nina. Jack must tolerate his snobbish business partner's attempts to degrade those less fortunate, namely Elliot.

Sun 25 Sep, season 5 episode 9

3.0 60 x
Elliott is convinced that Maya has gotten a dog to test his fatherhood skills.

Mon 4 Jul, season 7 episode 19

3.0 56 x
A new Blush intern takes a liking to Maya. Dennis pretends to be a sinner needing salvation when he goes to Elliott's Bible-study class.

Mon 4 Jul, season 7 episode 20

3.0 27 x
Prenuptial tensions beset Nina upon learning that the minister is her intended's former girlfriend, who's still very fond of him.

Sun 3 Jul, season 7 episode 16

3.0 27 x
Finch's old buddy Bert - now a transsexual named Brandy - joins Finch as a couple at their high school reunion in order for Finch to arrive with a beautiful blonde.

Sun 3 Jul, season 7 episode 17

3.0 45 x
Jack and Finch prepare for a meeting with Tate Gittling, the publisher of Blush's biggest rival magazine, in an attempt to come together to organise a charity function.

Sun 3 Jul, season 7 episode 18

3.0 42 x
Simon is about to pop the question to Nina, but she panics when she has to tell him she's still married to her last husband.

Mon 27 Jun, season 7 episode 4

3.0 70 x
Nina throws a Halloween party, where Finch and Jack compete for Blush's newest cover model, Kelly.

Mon 27 Jun, season 7 episode 3

3.0 37 x
A legendary rocker comes to the magazine for an interview. Nina claims to be the inspiration for one of his songs, Nina in the Cantina, because they had a moment years ago.

Sun 26 Jun, season 6 episode 22

3.0 36 x
Finch's fellow band member, Greg, asks Nina out. She's mortified when she finds out they have an air band with imaginary instruments.