Killer At The Crime Scene

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Killer At The Crime Scene

A gang of Pakistani men in Glasgow, Scotland, set out for revenge against a Scottish gang by brutally murdering a random white teenager.

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Season 1
After a student from Poland disappeared in Glasgow, authorities soon found the culprit to be a convicted sex offender living under an alias with a long list of victims.
After a student is found dead in his parked car in Oxford, detectives struggle to unravel a sordid, and lethal, family plot surrounding the victim and his girlfriend.
In 2002, an 87-year-old pensioner was killed after a man broke into her home and sexually assaulted her, police were stumped when none of the DNA evidence came back as a match.
Teams of detectives and forensic scientists examine the evidence left behind in the case of two women whose dismembered body parts were found inside bins.