Kylie Kwong

June 2019

S1 Ep8 - Marinade

Expired 3.0 3 x
Kylie is having a steamboat party for ten friends at home - she provides the food, the guests do the cooking.

S1 Ep7 - Egg

Expired 3.0 0 x
Kylie has been invited to a delcious outdoor lunch by the sea, the only catch is she has to cook.

S1 Ep6 - Mushroom

Expired 3.0 0 x
There's a party for the opening of an art exhibition and Kylie is doing the catering.

S1 Ep5 - Noodles

Expired 3.0 0 x
The Chinese are inventive cooks, making delicious meals from basic ingredients. Kylie tries out her cheap cut recipes on the staff at a famous Chinese restaurant.

S1 Ep4 - Shellfish

Expired 3.0 3 x
Kylie's mum taught her to to cook, and her brother judges who does the best noodle stir fry today. Three generations of Kwong women then make some party food.

S1 Ep3 - Rice

Expired 3.0 0 x
Kylie loves to entertain. She prepares recipes for her friends from the very best fish she can find at the markets.

S1 Ep2 - Spice

Expired 3.5 1 x
Kylie takes us through her Chinese versions of traditional Australian favourites and introduces us to the cross-cultural mix of modern Australian cooking.

S1 Ep1 - Bamboo

Expired 3.0 0 x
Pickled bamboo sounds exotic but bottling your own is simple enough. Kylie uses this unusual ingredient to flavour her mouth-watering salads.
March 2019

S2 Ep7 - Wok School Hong Kong's Chef Academy

Expired 3.0 3 x
It’s back to school for Kylie when she sees how chefs are trained in Hong Kong.

S2 Ep6 - Hong Kong Island Hideaway

Expired 3.0 4 x
Kylie escapes to an island hideaway to taste delicious fresh seafood cooked to order.