LEGO Masters

May 2020

Episode 11

3.0 184 x
The final episode is here and it's down to our final three teams to impress not only Brickman (and host Hamish) but hundreds of kids, parents and LEGO fans to find out who will be the ultimate LEGO Master.

Episode 10

4.0 125 x
In the penultimate episode, teams are facing two challenges, the first one sees them only able to use pieces from a smashed LEGO Harley Davidson. In the second challenge they must create a building that works in both day and night.

Episode 9

4.0 68 x
Another elimination sees the contestants have to make extraordinary builds that not only look amazing but can go underwater. Does LEGO sink or float? We'll find out tonight!

Episode 8

4.5 64 x
The ultimate challenge comes to life when the contestants are blown away to discover it's all about Star Wars! Not only do they get to build their favourite ships but are thrilled when a new Star Wars LEGO Brick Pit is revealed.

Episode 7

4.0 49 x
In another elimination, the teams face two challenges. The first challenge must be a story that lives above and below their tables, essentially telling two stories. The two teams with the lowest scores then battle out in a Retro Rebuild.

Episode 6

4.0 38 x
The third elimination hangs over the team's heads as they are challenged with building a 3D art piece out of LEGO. With one team safe with Immunity, four teams go head to head to create incredible and beautiful 3D LEGO art.
April 2020

Episode 5

3.0 50 x
In a test of their engineering skills, the six teams have to build a structure that can withstand increasing shake factors. The team that survives the highest shake factor will win Immunity.

Episode 4

4.0 53 x
A double header challenge sees the remaining teams build a tower as tall as they can in two hours. Then in one of the hardest builds so far, they must create magic from one hanging brick - a very careful measure of weight and balance.

Episode 3

3.0 69 x
In the first elimination, teams must create a classic fairy tale scene. They will have 12 hours to complete a fairy story that is recognisable and aesthetically impressive. For one duo, the chance to be this season's LEGO MASTERS slips away.

Episode 2

3.7 74 x
The teams have ten hours to make a show stopping Hero Shot, one that looks like the ultimate moment in a movie. They must pick a story that will excite but most of all, will explode using their four elements chalk, water, glitter and slime.