Leo's Pollinators

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 21 - The Search For The Rust Patched Bumblebee

5 x
Chloe is heading to Pinery Provincial Park to try and find the missing Rusty Patched Bumblebee. It was once found everywhere, but it hasn't been seen in Canada for over ten years now!

Season 1, Episode 20 - Bffs

2 x
We all need our best friends. Chloe is about to find out all about the Lorquin's Admiral Butterfly and it's BFF Oceanspray with the team from Parks Canada.

Season 1, Episode 19 - Flying Squirrel!

1 x
The PollinHeads meet up with Montanna and Tarra from Parks Canada to help them track the Southern Flying Squirrel population at Point Pelee National Park.

Season 1, Episode 18 - Home Sweet Home

2 x
Home looks a little different for all of us. Chloe is meeting up with Aimee from Parks Canada and Cheryl Bryce to learn more about the unique home the Leafcutter Bee builds for its young.

Season 1, Episode 17 - Pollinator Danger

12 x
Pollinators have a hard enough time as it is, but imagine a plant that eats pollinators! Chloe and researcher Peter Kann take a closer look at the Purple Pitcher Plant and the only pollinating fly it doesn't eat!

Season 1, Episode 16 - Big Carpenter Party

3 x
Do the biggest, toughest bees live the longest? Join Chloe and Housten as they research the behaviours of these thriving bees alongside the Brock University Bee Lab team.

Season 1, Episode 15 - Five-lined Skink

2 x
Happy accidents can happen, and skinks are living proof with how they pollinate! Join Chloe and Housten as they team up with experts at Point Pelee National Park and help survey these accidental pollinators!

Season 1, Episode 14 - Sphinx Moth

2 x
We're shining the spotlight on those fantastic night-time pollinators - moths! Chloe and Housten head out with Maddie from Parks Canada to do a special survey on these acrobatic superstar pollinators, the Sphinx Moth!

Season 1, Episode 13 - Up The Hilltop

1 x
Housten is going up on a mountaintop in Quebec with hoverfly expert Jeff Skevington, to help him find a new hill-topping hoverfly. Back in the lab, Chloe will help catalogue it and record a new species.

Season 1, Episode 12 - Syrphid Fly (mimicry)

2 x
The PollinHeads discover that a bee may not always be a bee, as their observation skills are put to the test learning all about pollinating mimics with Amanda Stefan from Carleton University.

Season 1, Episode 11 - Superhero Pollinator (egyptian Fruit Bat)

7 x
Chloe and Housten head over Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls to spend the day with the Egyptian Fruit Bats to help with their colony and learn more about these superhero pollinators.

Season 1, Episode 10 - Butterfly Royalty

2 x
The PollinHeads are meeting up Vicky from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority to help with an amazing program that tags and tracks the Monarchs, so we can keep a better eye on their population.

Season 1, Episode 9 - Lemurs

2 x
The PollinHeads head over to Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary to help care for the lemurs and get to the bottom of why the largest pollinators are at risk of extinction.

Season 1, Episode 8 - Skipper Butterflies

8 x
Chloe and Housten head into the wetlands with Laura Timms from the Credit Valley Conservation to check up on the skipper butterflies and the overall health of the ecosystem at Alton Grange.

Season 1, Episode 7 - Don't Swat The Wasp

6 x
The ever-feared wasp is the subject of today's mission! Housten and Chloe are putting on their brave pants and are headed to Ottawa to meet up with scientist and wasp specialist Dr Rob Longair.

Season 1, Episode 6 - The Hummingbird Moth

2 x
Is it a bird...?? Nope! It's the Hummingbird Moth! A day-time moth that, like the Hummingbird it resembles, is a very important pollinator.

Season 1, Episode 5 - Cornfield Ants

3 x
Ants - pests or a misunderstood pollinator pal? Leo and The PollinHeads are going to find out! They're helping expert Aaron Fairweather collect samples to take a closer look at what the ants are up to.

Season 1, Episode 4 - Fireflies

2 x
Tonight, Chloe and Housten work into the night at Rouge National Urban Park, alongside Aaron from the University of Guelph, to discover the science behind the magic of our firefly friends!

Season 1, Episode 3 - Mottled Duskywing

4 x
The PollinHeads help Jessica and her team net, mark and survey the Mottled Duskywings to help get this butterfly off the endangered list!

Season 1, Episode 2 - Sugar Sugar (hummingbirds)

3 x
Chloe and Housten are helping conduct research on the sugar-fueled hummingbird! Our PollinHeads team is about to see just how much sugar this little bird can handle.