Let's Go Pocoyo

February 2016

Season 1, Episode 52 (Fishing With Pocoyo)

3.0 138 x
Pocoyo and Pato are fishing. They have a net and a fishing rod with a strange hook: Caterpillar. They throw in their line and wait. Caterpillar reaches the bottom of the sea and becomes friends with a fish.

Season 1, Episode 51 (Nurse Elly)

3.0 429 x
Pocoyo pretends to be sick. So Elly tells him to get into bed, put on a bandage and take some medicine but Pocoyo ends up admitting he was not actually sick.

Season 1, Episode 50 (Down On The Farm)

3.0 237 x
Pocoyo, Elly and Pato are in the garden, where they have planted tomatoes, carrots and lettuce. When it is time to pick and eat them, the vegetables suddenly start to move by themselves!

Season 1, Episode 49 (Pocoyo Recycles)

3.0 237 x
Pocoyo and Pato find some recycling containers. Elly appears with lots of things to recycle: bottles, cans and newspapers. Fred also has things to recycle, but Pocoyo and Pato will have to convince him that it is a good idea.

Season 1, Episode 48 (Art)

3.0 275 x
The characters have prepared an exhibit that displays different art genres, such as painting, sculpture and photography. Pato plays the role of art critic and visits the exhibit, but there is nothing he likes there.

Season 1, Episode 47 (Pocoyo Goes To School)

3.0 285 x
Caterpillar and Baby Bird are at school. Elly is the teacher. Pocoyo and Pato would rather play ball but they gradually come to like what they are doing at school better and end up joining their friends.

Season 1, Episode 46 (The Best Bedroom)

4.0 199 x
Elly's bedroom has a bed and a closet full of clothes. Pato's room has a bedside table and a lamp. Pocoyo's is full of toys. All three think they have the best bedroom but which of the three is really best?

Season 1, Episode 45 (Circus)

3.0 143 x
Pocoyo, Pato and Elly are setting up a circus that will have acrobats, jugglers and clowns. The show begins. At first, the performers are not very coordinated, but in the end the performances are very entertaining.

Season 1, Episode 44 (Elly's New Doll)

3.0 104 x
Elly has a new new doll. Elly has to run an errand, so she leaves her doll with Pocoyo and Pato. When she returns, her doll is not in the same condition as when she left. Will they be able to put things right?

Season 1, Episode 43 (Cinema)

3.0 91 x
Pato is going to show a movie for his friends, who will be the audience. Everything is going well until the film gets jammed and the audience laughs. Pato gets angry but his friends manage to get him to enjoy the show.