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Lidia's Kitchen

Some of Lidia's best recipes require little effort! She makes sausages with fennel and olives, seared lamb chops, and how about a light drink? She talks to her granddaughter about a fragoncello.

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Season 9
When your busy, a quick and easy lunch seems perfect! Lidia prepares a striped bass with broccolini, shrimp olive salad. In the Sharing Recipes segment, she talks about tomato tarts.
Lidia shows you that braising makes everything taste better. She prepares oven braised pork chops, beef and root vegetables. Lorenzo joins her to talk about Nonna's tomato-braised cauliflower recipe.
Simplicity reigns in the Italian cuisine, and Lidia is a firm believer that simple cooking is better cooking. She makes a cauliflower orecchiette pasta, crespelle, and discusses crepes.
Today is about sweet treats! Lidia males a bergamot and ricotta parfait, then almond tarts. She talks with her granddaughter, Julia, about chocolate anise biscotti. A childhood favourite treat.
Lidia cannot get enough of potatoes! She prepares potato and pasta soup, a nourishing salad of green beans, then talks about ditalini with potatoes and provola with her grandson.
Italians love their salads after the main course. Lidia makes a panzanella with fennel and shrimp, an eye-popping colourful orange and tropea onion salad, and then livens up a green salad.
Lidia focuses on fresh summertime recipes. She prepares shrimp melon salad, mezze rigatoni, and connects her grandson, Lorenzo to check on his peaches in white wine recipe.
Let's talks about some of Italian's famous staples - chicken parmigiana, arancini, and Bolognese sauce. Lidia's grandson talks about his strategy for success during their 'sharing recipes' segment.
Fruit makes everything better, and it can be used in sweet and savory recipes! Lidia creates a beautiful cheese plate, sausage and apples one-pot, then chats about risotto with orange juice too!
Lidia loves southern Italy, and some of the Mediterranean staples. She prepares a flavourful bruschetta, a tomato and tropea onion salad, her spicy Bloody Mary, then talks about panzerotti.
Lidia loves adding her touches to classic dishes. She prepares a roasted chicken with pomegranate and a chocolate ricotta cheesecake. Then she talks with her grandson about her famous baked beans.
Lidia teaches us how to add elegant touches to weeknight meals, while keeping them simple - fennel and Asian pear salad, cheesy veal chops with cabbage, she also prepares a delightful lentil crostini.
Lidia loves to prepare simple recipes with the freshest of seafood. She creates halibut with saffron fregola, tuna chickpea salad, and shares a recipe moment with her grandson, Miles.
Weeknight dinners just got easier by Lidia simply serving one recipe two ways! Lidia prepares a zucchini, peas, and pancetta risotto, risotto cakes, and talks about capellini asparagus frittatas.
Bread is a pillar of the Italian cuisine, but beans are the base in many of the Italian regions too. Lidia makes crostini two ways, monkfish brodetto with cannellini, and talks about garlic bread.
Weeknights are skillet nights! Lidia prepares dishes from the skillet or poured onto a family-style platter. Like: shrimp with asparagus, gratinate of pork, eggplant, and zucchini, and soft polenta.
It's pasta time again, so don't forget to salt the pasta water, and sauce your pasta the way the Italians do! Lidia prepares a pasta primavera, then a cavatappi with asparagus and spinach pesto.
Harvest time starts in late August in Italy, and it is one of the most important celebrations in the culture! Lidia celebrates with her oat risotto, makes olive-oil cake and red wine poached pears.
Colazione! It's breakfast time, and Lidia makes some Italian touches to American classics - fried potates with sausage and eggs, bacon, egg, and cheese risotto, and finally ricotta pancakes.