Life On The Edge


Sat 20 Jun, season 1 episode 7

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From the majesty of our vast natural environment to the wonders of our manmade world, this is Australia like you've never seen it before. Join passionate experts on a spectacular quest along the edge of Australia.

Sat 13 Jun, season 1 episode 6

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The beautiful and unforgiving Kimberley coast has never been tamed, standing unchanged for thousands of years.

Sat 6 Jun, season 1 episode 5

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With its incredible sea life, wild cyclonic weather and dense population, Queensland's coastline is the perfect example of the pleasures and dangers of man trying to coexist with nature.

Sat 23 May, season 1 episode 3

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From Shark Bay up to Port Hedland, the Midwest Coast is a huge shoulder of land where much of Australia's secret history and untold future is at play.