Life On The Outside

Life On The Outside catch up

March 2022

S1 Ep3

Expired 3.0 28 x
As the three formerly incarcerated people, Jeremy, Sierra, and Dane, approach the end of their 100-day homestay in households with individuals and families, the road ahead is still uncertain with their hosts facing a decision about whether they’ll ask them to stay or say goodbye. Has the experiment worked?

S1 Ep2

Expired 3.0 50 x
While Wayne and Julie wait for news of Brett, Sierra and Amanda’s bond is tested, and two worlds collide for Jeremy. We also meet Nigel, who opens his home to Dane, a 25-year-old Bundjalung man, who has just spent 10 months inside.

S1 Ep1

4.0 110 x
Empty nester teacher Amanda is preparing for the arrival of formerly incarcerated person Sierra - a mum of two who has just spent 13 months in custody. A family on Sydney’s affluent lower north shore brace themselves to house Jeremy, a man who has been to prison 14 times. In Sydney’s west, security expert Wayne and his wif...