Little Britain


Season 1, Episode 1

3.0 1 x
Meet schoolgirl Vicky Pollard, Prime Minister Michael, stage hypnotist Kenny Craig & transvestite Emily Howard. Andy demonstrates extraordinary abilities from his wheelchair when Lou takes him to the local pool.
Episodes 2017

Season 3, Episode 6

3.0 7 x
Daffy has to decide whether to remain the only gay in the village, Florence has to decide if the life of a lady is for her and Carol's computer has to decide whether or not to say no to a customer.

Season 3, Episode 5

3.0 6 x
Sir Norman Fry has some explaining to do following an incident with a glace cherry, Vicky Pollard is displaying her woeful Child-minding skills and Sid Pegg is up in arms about the defacing of a street sign.

Season 3, Episode 4

3.0 6 x
Tonight a new resident arrives at the Mike McShane estate, Ting Tong's mother. Needless to say, Dudley's not too happy about the newest addition to the household.

Season 3, Episode 3

3.0 6 x
Season 3, Episode 3 of Little Britain was broadcast by ABC2 on Monday 12 June 2017 at 22:11.

Season 3, Episode 2

4.0 35 x
A surreal tour around the British Isles. Have you ever thought about visiting Britain? Well, let's hope this lot don't put you off!

Season 3, Episode 1

3.0 13 x
Yeah but no but yeah but no... catch up with all your favourite kooky characters, created and performed by comic sensations, Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

Season 2, Episode 6

3.0 28 x
Love struck aide, Sebastian, finally plucks up the courage to make a move on Prime Minister Michael. Vicky Pollard shows off her new boyfriend. And Harvey and Jane's wedding day arrives.

Season 2, Episode 5

3.0 14 x
Emily and Florence decide to play a game of tennis, a very lady-like game. Kenny Craig has got himself a girlfriend and uses his powers to ensure their dinner date runs smoothly.

Season 2, Episode 4

3.0 24 x
Determined to teach her pupil about all things lady-like, Emily Howard takes her fellow transvestite Florence to the ballet. Meanwhile, team leader Marjorie Dawes accompanies her Fat Fighters class to a special dinner.